Our service included: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Trim, Style Set, Perm, and Color.

Hairpiece Maintenance included: Hand-tied / Venting hair, Machine Add hair, and Alterations.

(Price rate vary depending on the material of the base and the hair length.)

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Adding hair
A durable wig needs good quality wig care products to keep in a good condition. It is very important to choose the right care products for your wigs.
Our company carries good quality wig-care products and hair accessories, such as wig cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, wig spray, bonding glue, remover, and different type of the adhesive tapes.
Wig cleaner
Removes oils, lacquer and holding spray from wigs and hairpieces, leaving them thoroughly clean.

Non-static shampoo
Cleans, conditions, removes hair spray and lacquer from synthetic fiber wigs and hairpieces. Can also be used on real hair.

Revitalizing conditioner
Is formulated with an enriched blend of ingredients. Revitalizes dull hair leaving it softer, shinier and easy to manage.



Wig spray
Water soluble, it is made for use on wigs and hairpieces. It holds wig styles firmly and beautifully. It keeps the hair easy to manage and comb.

Wig Detangles
It adds shine and intensive conditioners help to detangle and make hair more manageable. Recommended as a porosity equalizer. Can be used on all types of hair.

Wig Styling Gel
It adds extra volume and shine to hair. Creates extra hold yet workable for all types of styles.


It is formulated to hold designs without making hair stiff and sticky. Holds up in humidity.

Oil sheen wig conditioner
It contains natural ingredients to soften and beautify wigs and human hair. Comb out is easy and the natural glow lasts the entire day.

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